Are the chickens locked in sheds?


Our adult chickens are not locked in sheds. When they are young before they have developed they’re adult’s feathers, we do close them up at night in the shelter with a heater to keep them warm, just like the hens would. However, once the chicks are old enough they are free to roam 24/7, unlike a lot of free-range chicken places that are locked in at night and only let out for 6 hours a day. By not locking them up ours are able to follow their natural body clocks and forage/explore the open box gum grassy woodland they call home, when and how ever they choose. This is also different to a lot of “pasture raised” chickens that are kept in movable chicken tractors (pens on wheels). Our chickens do have access to shelters if they choose to use them, usually to get out of the rain or strong winds. We are accredited by PROOF (pasture raised on open fields), feel free to check out their website to read more about what guidelines we follow.