Hello All!

Welcome to our first ever newsletter. We have decided to write a seasonal newsletter, giving updates as to what’s happening here at the farm.

The first thing to address is the elephant in the room – Covid 19. From all of us here at Grassland Poultry we are hoping and wishing that you are well and doing ok in the unprecedented times. Luckily for us it is full steam ahead, we already have strict bio-security protocols on farm which haven’t changed during this crisis. Turns out a secluded farm is the best place to ride out social isolation, who knew (shrugging emoji). We are very busy with lots of orders as everyone is trying their hand at home cooking.

Photo taken by Clancy Job

We have had great weather this Autumn, one of our best ever. With lots of rain, causing a dramatic change from a few months ago which was all dust and smoke. As always, our chickens are loving this weather with all the extra grass to rummage around in, chasing all the bugs. It has been great to watch the grasses flourish, with a surprising added bonus of beautiful flowers! The chickens are moved from one paddock to another so they have a constant supply of fresh grass. As well as this they have a choice between different whole grains and supplemented crumble, which is all very important for their overall health. An unexpected result is they leave behind stray grains and sunflower seeds, meaning our paddocks are now full of beautiful flowers as well. Which wouldn’t have happened without this wonderful Autumn rain.

Because good food makes everything better

As the weather starts to cool down and we are all spending much more time inside we thought it would be nice to share a new recipe with you all.

Hopefully it may help some of you in these usual times. It has always been a belief in our household that good food can solve almost anything…

We are hoping everyone is staying nice and safe. If you’d like to keep updated with what’s going on with us here please feel free to subscribe below.

With Gratitude,

Kim and Bryan Kiss, Grassland Poultry

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