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Time flies, can you believe it has been a full year since we started doing these seasonal newsletters? Looking back at our first post it was all about, yes Covid-19, but also the incredible changes in the landscape. We had just come out of the dry spell, had gotten some great rains and were watching the grasses flourish. The dust and smoke of early 2020 seems worlds away now. Autumn 2021 has set us up for another truly great year ahead. Two wet Autumns back to back, we are incredibly grateful on how lucky we’ve been. We always find it riveting to look back at old photos and see how drastic the landscape and circumstances can change. Just look at these two photos taken from the same spot, the first one in March 2019 and this one taken just last week.

Unfortunately, there is one down side to all the superb pastures we currently have, and that would be the mice. As a lot of you would be aware, they are everywhere at the moment. Our house is definitely not mouse-proof, thankfully our new processing facility is. So, we’ve been spending a lot of time hiding out there. Someone who is very happy to see all these mice though is our maremma dogs. We have four maremma dogs who live in the paddocks with our chickens, to protect them from any predators. They have been madly chasing the mice around the paddocks, even the chickens have started to get involved!

We are also so excited to be able to announce that our Heritage Sommerlad Chicken is one of this year’s State Delicious Produce Awards winner! For over 15 years, Delicious have been seeking out and celebrating Australia’s best and most innovative producers. They have a very detailed selection criteria, focusing on provenance, seasonality and sustainable production methods. They break their awards down into categories, including from the dairy, from the earth, from the sea and our category from the paddock. Which means we are up against not just chicken, but other poultry, beef, lamb, pork, you name it. We sometimes forget ourselves that our poultry business is still quite young, only five years in the making. Which is why we feel incredibly grateful to have been awarded this award four years in a row. We have owned and managed our farm ‘Meramie’ for over 25 years always placing great emphasis on using regenerative and ethical practices in our management strategies, and nothing changed when we expanded into poultry in 2015. Which is why we are super excited that Delicious have acknowledged and recognised this. It gives us a chance to publicly highlight our values. For us we wanted to provide a way to eat well, and have complete faith that our product is ethically grown, grazed on open pastures, truly healthy and regenerative.

The weather here is definitely starting to get quite chilly, so it felt like perfect timing to launch our new product. We are pleased to announce that both bone broth and chicken fat will now be available. The broth will be available in 500ml and 1L jars and the Schmaltz (fat) in 500ml jars. Perfect timing for all your winter needs!

If you would prefer to make your own broth, we’ve added Bryan’s recipe to our website ( Happy Brewing!

With Gratitude,

Kim and Bryan Kiss, Grassland Poultry

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