Hello All!

It’s time for our final newsletter of the year. First up, we would like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone that has supported us throughout this year. We are extremely grateful and happy to report that, despite 2020 being a tough one for most, we have had a very successful year. This was partly because of the weather but also due to our loyal customer base, so thanks again!

This year has been a big one for us. As we mentioned in our winter newsletter, this is the first year we have had our onsite processing facility up and running, which means we’ve had the opportunity to really expand and develop our team. We have a brilliant crew of locals who help us with all stages of the business. They really do a fantastic job keeping the ship running smoothly, so we would also love to send a big thank you to everyone involved on the staff this year.

2020 has provided us with one of our best seasons. It has been very encouraging to see the regenerative process at work. As most of you are aware, the past few years have been very dry, and Bryan and I have seen the effects of this dryness on the landscape first hand. There were hundreds of trees that we thought we’d lost. However, due to all the wonderful rain we’ve had, we are now very fortunate to see the majority of them start to spring back, resilient as ever. It’s a great joy driving to check the chickens each day and seeing these trees along the track. Hopefully, it is a sign of good things to come in 2021.

As our summer temperatures rise, it’s always a pleasure to see how well our birds thrive in this environment. This is the benefit of having a bird that is specifically bred to survive Australia’s tough conditions. We don’t need to install misters, sprinklers or aircon systems to keep our chickens cool. Thankfully, all they need is natural shade and access to fresh water.

Wishing you a safe and happy holidays!

As always, we like to include a recipe that we think pairs well with our delicious chickens. This year for Christmas lunch, Bryan made this fabulous chicken salad, which was a big hit. So, if you are looking for something fresh and yummy for these warmer months, click on the picture of the salad and it will redirect you to the recipe.

We hope everyone is having a safe and happy holiday period. And we wish you a very successful and happy 2021.

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With Gratitude,

Kim and Bryan Kiss, Grassland Poultry

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