Happy Holidays Everyone!

We hope you have had a lovely festive season. We’ve had a very busy Christmas hosting nearly all our extended family, camping with us on the farm. We had 40 people sitting down for Christmas lunch, and you betcha we served our Grassland Poultry chicken. We also had our annual staff Christmas party, which is always lots of fun and gives us a chance to say thank you to our wonderful staff. Who have worked so hard all year round and without them our success would not be possible. We would also like to say thank you to everyone who has purchased from us and supported us throughout the year. We have had a phenomenal year and 2022 award season. It’s always encouraging to have our product publicly recognised, it helps affirm that what we are doing and the team we have assembled is the way to go. So, thank you.

Having previously written about winning the Delicious Awards, we are pleased to announce we have also won the “From the Land” Eat Easy Award. Similarly, to Delicious, Eat Easy Awards aims to celebrate the outstanding achievement of those making significant contributions producing the nation’s best produce and ingredients. There are specific criteria considered for those being nominated including environmental stewardship, animal welfare, community, product eating quality etc. So, getting a night out in Adelaide to accept our award and be crowned “the best chicken in Australia” was incredibly exciting, especially considering it was for all the right reasons, sustainability, regenerative land management, animal welfare, building soil and not to forget a great tasting product. These events are always so much fun as we get to surround ourselves with like-minded people who are motivated to do good within the food industry.

Something else that has happened recently that is quite exciting is that we had MP Dugald Saunders publicly congratulate us in Parliament. Dugald is our NSW Agricultural Minister and visited the farm in November. We took him on a tour to show him all that we do and give him the opportunity to ask any questions that he might have about how we do things. Check out below what he had to say about us.

Mr DUGALD SAUNDERS (DubboMinister for Agriculture, and Minister for Western New South Wales)— “Speaker … I would like to Congratulate Bryan and Kim Kiss of Grassland Poultry on recently taking out the “From the Paddock” category at the “Delicious Harvey Norman Produce Awards 2022″. Bryan and Kim believe that the best produce comes from the best environment; one that is clean, regenerated, nourished, and sustainably farmed. By breeding, hatching, raising and processing on-farm, the team at Grassland Poultry can carefully control every single aspect of what they do and can know for sure that it’s been done according to their ethics and philosophy. I recently had the opportunity to see this firsthand – the chickens living their best lives out in the pasture, free to go where they please and forage to their hearts content under the watchful eye of the Maremma. The Kiss’ heritage-bred, pasture-raised and on-farm processed chickens has won them Delicious Awards in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. To take out another category this year is testament to their dedication to providing the best tasting, healthiest produce available. Congratulations again to Bryan, Kim and the team, I look forward to seeing the 2023 Award for your amazing produce”.

As always, we like to include a recipe and what better than our daughters favourite Christmas lunchtime meal. We got the recipe from Kim’s grandma, and it has been handed down ever since. We don’t know where she got it from, we are just grateful that she did. It’s the perfect plate to take to Christmas because it can be prepared the day before. Enjoy!

Click here for the recipe.

With Gratitude,

Kim and Bryan Kiss, Grassland Poultry

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