The Grassland Poultry difference

at a glance

Grassland PoultryConventional Free Range
Type of chickenWe breed our own heritage Sommerlad birds on the farm. These birds grow at a natural pace (slow by comparison to conventional meat birds), and are well-suited for all Australia’s extreme seasons. Use Ross or Cobb breed fast-growing genetics, developed for shed raring not free range.
Age when processing10-14 weeks5-6 weeks
Flock sizeLess than 600Up to 50,000
Access to outdoors24 hours per day8 hours per day
Shed lightingNatural lightUp to 20 hours of light provided per day
Feed24 hour access to forage in Box Gum grassy woodlands and free-choice system of a crumble & whole grains. No medications (antibiotics) are used.
Not disclosed
ShelterPurpose-built mobile sheltersStationery sheds
ProcessingNo chemicals or chlorinated water used. Water is treated with ultra- violet light and is chemical free. The birds are air-chilled for 24 hours before packaging so there is no water in the bags.Chill baths in chlorinated water and chlorinated water used in the wash down. Birds are packed straight from these baths into bags.
When cookingNo weight loss.
Weight loss when cooking can be up to 10% moisture loss due to water intake in the processing.
End productFirmer texture due to being active foragers and long growing time. Deeper flavour, great fat, the most amazing skin and moist, flavoursome meat. Stronger bones and cleaner tasting offal.
Softer textured meat and bones due to shorter growing time, meat tents to dry out in the cooking process, with less flavour.