Remember that Sunday roast flavour?

For us, this is more than just producing chicken meat; it’s about having access to healthy, ethically grown food that tastes great. This was a key motivator when we started our poultry business… We wanted to be able to eat well and have faith that a product is truly healthy and regenerative. It’s not always easy to find poultry that ticks those boxes.

From our experience with cattle and sheep, we knew that great taste takes care of itself when animal welfare and sustainable farming are the priority. When it comes down to it, taste is everything, but fortunately, this is the easiest of all to do well as long as the integrity of the bird comes first.

Healthy birds – healthy meat

Great tasting meat results from giving the birds the ability to forage and the freedom to choose what they might like to eat. Ultimately, they know best.

To produce humane, optimum-growing, healthy poultry, the birds need to have access to pastures and roosting shelters at all times. Every day we move their shelters onto fresh pasture.

Being able to forage creates a diverse diet of leafy greens/ grass, insects, worms and other microorganisms found in the soil. Having the continuous access to this type of vegetation significantly lifts the Vitamin A and E, carotenoids, good fats and Omega-3 fatty acids within the chickens.

No need for chemicals

Plus, by looking for alternate natural feeds and moving onto fresh pasture every day, we significantly decrease the disease level within the flock. This means we don’t need to use medications in their food or water. In fact, we avoid medications all together and instead use natural remedies if needed with great success.

The benefits of these practices are extensive. Not only do you enjoy the health benefits of eating truly free range, grass-fed poultry, the birds mature slowly and live the way chickens are meant to, and our soil community is nourished by the natural fertilizer the poultry produce, helping it regenerate and benefiting all that is grown in it or grazes on it.

It’s not the cheapest way to raise chickens, but there really are no shortcuts to raising healthy, happy chickens that have that old Sunday roast taste – the way they used to.

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